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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your Hours of Operation?

Studio is open Monday through Friday 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Saturday 12:00 to 9:00 PM and Sunday 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Where are you located?

We are located in Sunrise Mall. 5858 South Padre Island Dr. Suite #37c. Entrance between Planet Fitness and the Sears Automotive center.

What is your Registration Process?

If you come in person you will need to fill out our registration form, receive a copy of our policies, and pre-pay the Monthly tuition using our four options of payment.

If you are inquiring over the phone about available time slots and want to secure an appointment you will need to come in and pay the Tuition in advance before we can assign you an instructor and add you into our scheduling system. You can also reserve the preferred day and time slot over the phone using a Major Credit Card by paying a $26.00 Reservation Deposit. We then will reserve that time slot and schedule your First lesson with the Instructor.

After your lesson the balance of the Tuition will be due. If you fail to show for your first lesson the reservation deposit will be forfeited to compensate the instructors time.

We are also currently working on an convenient Online Registration / Scheduling system for easy iPhone and iPad enrollment.

What are the Lesson Rates?

Weekly Private Guitar and Bass Lessons are $23.00 for 30 minutes and $43.00 for one hour.

Family Guitar Classroom instruction: If you have two or more children and want Lessons for them at the same time. The rates are $20.00 per student for a 30 minute class lesson and $30.00 per student for an hour class.

Weekly rates for Private Piano, Drum, Violin, Viola, Cello, Voice, and Woodwinds are $26.00 for 30 minute lessons and $46.00 for one hour.

Sunday rate is $29.00 for 30 minutes and $48.00 for one hour.

Lesson by Appointment: Flexible lesson appointments are available for Students that cannot attend weekly lessons on a set time. We can schedule them a "One Time Lesson by Appointment". One-Time Guitar Lesson Rate is $25.00 for 30 Minutes and $45.00 for 1 Hour. One-Time Lesson rate for Piano, Drum, Violin, Viola, Cello, Voice, & Woodwinds is $30.00 for 30 Min. & $50.00 for 1 Hour.

What is the Method of Payment for Lessons?

All Lesson Tuition's are paid in advance. We have Three methods of Payment.

  1. Automatic Recurring Payment with Major Credit Card. (Visa, MasterCard, & Discover)

  2. Automatic Recurring Payment with Debit Card.

  3. Automatic Recurring Payment with Checking or Savings Account Bank Draft.

Are lessons open to all age groups?

We have students ranging from 6 up to 75 years of age. You're never too young or old to learn an instrument. However, we recommend children start at 6 years of age for Guitar & Drums, 10 years of age for Bass Guitar, 6 years of age for Piano,Violin, and Voice

Can I monitor my child's lesson?

We have an open door policy. We recommend Parents with children age 6 to observe the first lesson to meet instructor and to go over goals, Lesson plan, and assignments. Parents have the option of sitting with the instructor in the studio, waiting outside in the lobby area, or viewing the lesson through a monitoring window. Older teenage students are dropped off while the parent shops and picks them up at a later time.

All lessons are recorded in real time and are on display on a rotating split screen monitor placed in our lobby.

Do you recommend a 30 minute or a 1 hour lesson for beginners?

We can cover more detailed information in an hourly lesson with teenage and adult students, but that's a personal decision. A 30 minute lesson is sufficient for a child's attention span.

Do you do repairs or change strings?

No we don't do major repairs, but we can re-string guitars, basses, violins, and provide drum maintenance. For Major Repairs we outsource the work to skilled local repairmen.

What is your Missed Lesson & Makeup Policy?

  1. We require a 24 hour advance notice of cancellation to reschedule a make-up. If you fail to call or show up for a scheduled lesson or make will forfeit the lesson fee to compensate the Teachers time.

  2. We do Not offer "Unlimited Private Makeups" for Missed lessons due to Teachers full schedule. A 24 Hour Cancellation Notice will qualify for One Private Makeup per month. Makeup is subject to Teachers schedule availability. Teacher has option to schedule a One Hour Class for all students who have missed their scheduled private lesson within the month. A missed "Scheduled Private Lesson" does not guarantee the same Instructor or private makeup lesson. A qualified Instructor may teach a 30 minute Private lesson or a Group one Hour lesson. Students who miss a Makeup Class or a Rescheduled Private Makeup Lesson will forfeit the lesson. We don't reschedule Makeups for Makeups.