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Ages 10+

Beginning students can expect to learn on how to Hold the bass, Tuning, Right & Left Hand Positioning, Fretboard exercises, Learning the Eighth Note groove, Rock and Blues patterns, bass clef note reading, and theory. We balance musicianship and fun by making sure that each lesson you are challenged with a new technical or theory concept, but always end with something fun such as your favorite riff or song.

We use a variety of bass method books to accomplish this and encourage students to bring CDs or their iPod to their lesson to learn their favorite tunes and also utilize the Internet to have students play along with rhythm tracks or search for their favorite songs.

Our goal is to get our students to play a song within the first 30 days!


$23.00 per 30 minute private lesson held once a week.
Recommended for children, teens, and adults.

$43.00 per 60 minute private lesson held once a week.
Recommended for teens and adult students.

There is no registration fee or long term contract. All lessons are month to month.

All fees must be paid by pre-authorized credit cards, pre-authorized debit card, or auto draft. We also accept Checks post dated 3 months in advance.

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