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Ages 10+

We currently offer saxophone, clarinet, and flute lessons.

The saxophone, clarinet and flute are popular instruments of choice for students in school band and orchestral programs. The saxophone is especially popular in Blues and Jazz genres. Beginning students in school programs don't get the individualized attention to excel to the highest chair. It's impossible for the school band director to give the necessary attention to each band member to help them excel and appreciate a love for the instrument. Students in those programs who hold the highest chairs have benefited from private lessons.

Woodwind Instruction is offered to students who wish to learn the Saxophone, Clarinet, and Flute. Instruction is available at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels and in a variety of styles such as classical, jazz/improvisation, blues, and marching band.

Each program includes a weekly 30 or 60 minute private lesson with an assignment each week. These courses provide excellent skill development as well as performance improvement for orchestra or band students at any level.

What are the benefits of Woodwind lessons?

  • One-on-one, personalized instruction tailored to meet your specific musical need
  • Student will learn proper posture, correct embouchure, breath control, articulation, tonal quality, hand position, and correct bad habits that may hinder a student’s progress
  • Students are introduced to music reading and theory. Solos, etudes and ensemble repertoire written for the instrument
  • Student will learn proper care and maintenance of their instrument.
  • Our instructor can help students choose the right saxophone, clarinet, or flute to match their needs and ability level, and explain the differences between student and professional quality instruments
  • All students will have the opportunity to perform in our annual winter recital


$26.00 per 30 minute private lesson held once a week.
Recommended for children, teens, and adults.

$46.00 per 60 minute private lesson held once a week.
Recommended for teens and adult students.

There is no registration fee or long term contract. All lessons are month to month.

All fees must be paid by pre-authorized credit cards, pre-authorized debit card, or auto bank draft. .

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